Jewelry Care

❤Caring for your Jewelry

Aluminum is typically hypoallergenic and should not patina.  The thickest aluminum available is used.  Aluminum bracelets may snap in half if manipulated daily and not sized properly.  Please see sizing section for information on how to properly size your bracelet.

Copper, brass, and sterling silver will naturally patina due to contact with the air and skin.  The metal will react differently depending on your skin type.  Some people can wear these metals and no patina will occur.  Others will have patina in a couple of days.

Gold fill does not typically patina.

For all metals do not shower, bathe, or swim while wearing.  Doing so will cause metal to tarnish and can also cause the ink in the letters to come out.  Avoid contact with sweat and products such as lotion. Do not store in the bathroom due to humidity. For best results, store in a jewelry box, bag, or room that does not have humidity.  

Patina may be removed by purchasing a jewelry treated cloth such as a Pro Polish Pad or Sunshine Polishing Cloth.